Blumen ID – automatische Fotoerkennung von Blumen


Blumen Id is a nature guide with the 285 most common wild flowers in Germany and Central Europe. With simple identification function: just answer a few simple questions and let your phone do the rest!


This app is the most sold flower app in the UK and has now been adjusted especially for the German and Central European region. It offers more than 1,000 nature photos, GPS localisation, a list function, a quiz, and much more.

Importantly, the choice of species has not been made randomly but describes the 285 de facto occurring flower species in our region. Blumen Id is another successful identification app of SUNBIRD nature guides.

*** Clearly arranged and easy to use ***

Other than with other nature guides this flower app is based on an identification method developed by published biologists. By answering 10 simple questions this ID function leads to the flower searched for and a choice of similar species.

What makes this app also special: In order to precisely determine a wild flower no previous knowledge or expertise is required!

Of particular help here are the great images which show all flowers in their natural environment. These photos have been chosen among thousands in order to enable the most certain identification of species. This careful selection of images is essential for identification.

This flower app is completed by extensive texts including description, similarities, ecology, and much more. Importantly, these texts have been adapted particularly to Germany and Central Europe instead of Europe in general.

Special features of this app in the overview:

  • the 285 most common flower species of Germany and Central Europe (being extended)
  • top identification key
  • extensive description texts
  • several different images to each species, in total more than 1,000! Including photos that show leaves, flower, the whole plant and location of growth
  • full text search by keywords
  • each flower species can be marked on a map via GPS on the spot
  • graphically well-designed layout

Blumen Id can also be used for making and keeping personal sighting lists.

*** The app completely works offline, no internet connection is needed in the field ***

All updates are free of charge.

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